8 Reasons to pick Language Direct

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Language Direct is an award-winning translation agency of over 20 years. This is all down to the quality of professionals we employ, with decades of experience between them. We enjoy a respected reputation as a trusted provider of top professional telephone interpreters to businesses, public sector bodies, and individuals.

We are based in London and work across the UK, even in Europe or other countries if required. There are many reasons why we are the language services provider you need but just to reassure you, here is a list of reasons so you trust us 100% with your work!

1. Free Quotes

Get a free quote within 24 hours with a service tailored to you. We strive for professionalism and quick response rates, so you can rely on us when you need something urgently.


2. Remote Interpreting

Communicate effortlessly using remote interpreting, wherever you are, with a professional telephone or video interpreter. Virtual interpreting sessions are cheaper to operate, save clients travel costs for the interpreter, and eliminate issues such as cancellations which gives more reason to book with us.


3. Professional Sign Language Interpreters

Make yourself crystal clear with a professional sign language interpreter. We provide excellent BSL interpreters who have worked with many clients in a range of industries. We share BSL content on our social media pages to spread awareness and even posted a blog with available resources about COVID-19 in BSL for those who needed it.


4. Supporting a good education

Don’t let a language barrier get in the way of a good education. This means that we are now offering video, telephone, and face-to-face interpretations for those who have existing language barriers in place and require language support after being in lockdown for the past few months and help to ease their way back into classes.

Provide stress-free learning for children. An interpreter can provide students with unchallenged communication between them and your teachers. This means your student learns trouble-free, peacefully and at the same pace as their friends! Making their learning as easy as tying laces.


5. Award-Winning Services

We are proud to say that we are an award-winning service! We were awarded twice for the Best Document Translation Company 2017 and Best Telephone Interpreting Company 2020 by SME London Awards for our outstanding professional services. This award focuses on small-medium sized businesses who are known for their ability to thrive under the most diverse of circumstances.


6. Trustworthy Google Reviews

If an award doesn’t sound amazing already, we have a 4.8 rating on Google reviews (which is pretty good) from over 100 people which you can check out to see how well we perform as a company to both our staff and customers.

7. Covering COVID-19 related issues in the industry

We have written blogs about the impact the Coronavirus has on people’s mental health, especially those of interpreters and translators. They can come together to help flow vital communication by breaking language barriers to spread important information which could help save many people by translating and interpreting key details into different languages.


8. Helping Charities

Over the years, Language Direct has dipped its hands into lots of charitable work across the UK and India. We seek to help the disadvantaged lead better lives by supporting food banks and community kitchens in the UK. To providing scholarships to underprivileged students in India, donating books to form school libraries, paying medical fees for those in severe need and and supporting orphanages.

Hasu Trust sponsors school fees for students with potential in a similar way to a scholarship. There are a number of successful stories, one example is of a student who lived in the slums of Mumbai and had been supported by Hasu since primary school. We are proud to say that he recently became a chartered account in India and In return was able to support his younger brother to complete a BSC degree at university.