Access Remote Interpreters For Online Education

remote interpreters

With schooling currently taking place online, we want to make the transition easier for students, careers, and teachers. Learning is one of the most important aspects to lifelong well-being. Every student should have the necessary resources in place to receive the education they are entitled to, including language assistance if they struggle with English.

We are unsure if the entire school term will remain online as schools may re-open again soon. However, here are reasons why remote interpreters will help your students at school or college.

Maintain clear communication with remote Interpreters

As classes have moved online, the process might have been difficult for all students, especially those struggling with language barriers. This is the perfect opportunity to help your student keep up with their education without having to worry about falling behind their peers. By arranging remote interpreters means your student has the opportunity to  learn trouble-free at the same pace as their friends!

Remote Interpreters guarantee a stable and professional relationship with good communication between the student and teacher. It is imperative to ensure that there is no breakdown in communication where the student cannot follow the class schedule. If this occurs, it might upset them and make them feel left out. This won’t be a problem as interpreter services are able to translate on the spot to make students feel more actively involved. We can ensure that there will be mutual respect and trust between the interpreter, student, and teacher to make school life smoother.

Extra help for Teachers

Having interpreters present for classes can help teachers focus on all students equally. The alternative option is giving some students extra attention or the reverse if selected students do not receive enough help. This can result in students falling behind.

Interpreting is advantageous to your teachers, as well as your students. Teachers can focus on the delivery of class material and set a comfortable classroom environment. This will ensure that students are learning successfully whether it is in person or through a screen. 

We are aware some students are currently attending educational institutes in person, we can provide safe face-to-face interpretations in that case. 

BSL Students

We have worked with specialist schools and colleges by providing BSL interpreters. It is noticeable that it can sometimes be difficult for deaf or hearing impaired students in school. They require support too, not just from an educational point of view but also to communicate effectively with peers. Interpreters can help form these bonds. 

If your student has  special educational needs (SEN) or is assigned a special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCo) and needs an interpreter, a three-way communication link can be arranged. An interpreter can be viewed as a trusted and punctual character. One who will be present at every screen needed for online learning to help the student and provide a positive experience. Read more about BSL Interpreters in school settings

Assistance for Parents and Careers

With many changes happening due to lockdown and the pandemic, careers and parents need to be kept updated with their child’s education. Whether this is through parent-teacher meetings online, an interpreter can help if they are non-English speakers. If you need help sending letters or emails and require translations, a translator can help.


At Language Direct, we want to make sure all of your students feel accomplished and are able to achieve the best grades possible. We won SME’s Best Telephone Interpreting Company 2020 which showcases our amazing remote interpreters! 

We want to ensure your student learns and grows mindfully. Language Direct promises this by providing the same interpreter whenever needed. The familiarity of the interpreter will help build a trustful relationship with your students.