Health and medical translation

Healthcare is a global business, and the research and development of healthcare products and pharmaceuticals has a worldwide impact no matter the country in which it originates. Thus the need for medical translation has never been greater.

Medical documents use terms and words unused outside the healthcare sector. Thus a specialist knowledge is required for a medical translation to have precisely the same meaning and inference in another language. Mistakes in the wording or misinterpretation could literally be a matter of life and death.

Language Direct  take our responsibilities very seriously indeed, when it comes to medical translations we make sure we use only translators with years of experience in the medical sector.

Whether we are working on a psychiatric report or a complicated analysis of a new pharmaceutical product, we will source the appropriate translator from the thousands in our database, making sure they have just the right skills and experience for the project. All our translators are fully qualified and highly talented UK-based professionals, all affiliated to a regulatory body, and all possessing extensive translation experience in their mother tongue.


When it comes to accuracy and attention to detail, our track record for excellence is unbroken. Whether we are translating a doctor’s report, an article for a medical journal or a public information booklet, you can be sure that, thanks to our specialist translators’ expertise, the translated version will be completely accurate and faithful to the original.

And when confidentiality is required, we can be trusted to do the job discreetly and keep your material totally confidential.

Our regular medical clients are so impressed with the translation service we deliver that they come back to us again and again, knowing that their translated material will be of the highest quality and accuracy.

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