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Medical interpreting services in all spoken languages and BSL (British Sign Language).

We service pretty much whole of England with medical interpreters very local to you, wherever you are. Thanks to our fantastic HR team. They have been wonderful since the company started in 2001.

As an example look at the geographical spread of one of our happy customers below. Being a hospital they use our interpreters who specialise in the medical field. Yes that includes mental health too.


Priory Hospital Glasgow
Priory Hospital Altrincham
Priory Hospital Woodbourne


Priory Hospital North London
Priory Hospital Roehampton
Priory Hospital Woking
Priory Hospital Chelmsford
Priory Hospital Hayes Grove
Priory Hospital Ticehurst House
The Manor Clinic
Life Works

Priory Wellbeing Centres

Priory Wellbeing Centre Birmingham
Priory Wellbeing Centre Bristol
Priory Wellbeing Centre Canterbury
Priory Wellbeing Centre Fenchurch Street
Priory Wellbeing Centre Harley Street

Priory Wellbeing Centre Manchester
Priory Wellbeing Centre Oxford
Priory Wellbeing Centre Southampton
Priory Wellbeing Centre Edinburgh
Priory Wellbeing Centre Aberdeen

Over 2 decades of our services means we have provided interpreters for most of the following settings.

NHS Services


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