Interpreting in the mental health setting

One of the most challenging aspects of medical interpreting is interpreting for mental health patients. Mental health involves complex and interpersonal communication with individuals who may act, speak, or think in unusual ways.

It adds several more hindrances to already difficult role a medical interpreter plays. We want to make sure services we provide are accessible to all sections of communities we serve and are committed to ensuring effective communication with patients, their relatives and carers.

Our interpreters have an appropriate command of the spoken languages in which they interpret, including dialects, current idioms and cultural background knowledge. They recognize boundaries between themselves and clients and to follow guidance about what to do, and what not to do in sessions.

We recognize that patients, relatives and carers with a limited understanding and use of English may have difficulty with complex medical language and the written word when discussing complex medical conditions.

A typical session would be helping a child and family in a mental health assessment in the community language as they not speak or understand English. The attendees include consultant doctor, nurse, psychologist, and psychiatrist.

A qualified professional healthcare interpreter can make a huge difference in a hospital or clinical dialogue. Trained medical interpreters know that they should keep personal opinions to themselves.

Some of our customers include but not limited to be BMI healthcare, NHS, Priory, Cygnet Health, private hospitals, Nuffield Health.

We help in following settings: CAMHS, learning difficulties, Social, emotional and mental health, SEN, CWD (children with disabilities) Disability, alcohol abuse, alcoholic, substance abuse, addiction, rehabilitation.

We translate research materials, medical reports for various universities ie Leicester , Middlesex etc, covering various medical , science, mental health related topics. We also successfully provide interpreters for meetings and training sessions in pharmaceutical sector.

We are professional, we are honest, and we can be trusted. We have a duty of care to our clients.We provide our services with a real passion and urge, to help the communities we work within.

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