Language Direct: Who Are We?

We are Language Direct!

Language Direct is a UK SME based in London. After almost two decades, we have created jobs around the country, along with helping local students by providing work experience opportunities. We provide our services with a real passion and urge to help the communities we work within.

The back story to how Language Direct was formed occurred when the founder saw a gap in the market requiring translations and interpreting services. It all started when there was an unknown closure of a council taking place. There were no arrangements made for over 200 translators and interpreters who were about to lose their jobs. He attended one of his last appointments with a probation officer and offered to solve the problem using his connections. . From then on, our initial clients included Whipps Cross Hospital, social services, schools, GP’s and individuals in Waltham Forest. We have clients across the UK and even branching out to Europe. We have worked with the European Union on countless occasions too, which can be read here


Trust Language Direct 

We make our money, spend and invest it in the UK to help the local and national economy. We pay all our taxes promptly and on time. Unlike Starbucks who pay back a few pennies in tax for the millions extracted from doing business in Britain. We are not a huge multinational company like Languageline or Bigword who care about profit to convert into dollars and export back to USA. Language Direct is a credible company who are passionate about the language industry which can be supported by many of ours reviews given by clients and employees.

We are a genuine UK business, we are professional, we are honest, and we can be trusted.

Language Direct
Language Direct