Italian Translation Services

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Italian Translation Services

The official language in Italy, the Vatican City, San Marino and Switzerland, Italian has 85 million speakers as of 2012.

130,000 residents in the UK  are Italian- born. Around 200,000 people in the UK speak Italian as a first language. There were also about 7,100 Italian students were studying in various UK universities in 2011.

Immigrants, migrant workers and foreign students from Italy have increased the demand for Italian translation services in the UK.  While it isn’t hard to find a translator in London, finding a qualified Italian translator might not be easy.


Italian Translation Services in London

Some of our more requested services when we  translate Italian to English are:

Italian Interpreter Jobs  are also in demand, especially in various medical, legal and immigration settings. Some of the more common professional interpretation services are:


Learn some basic things about the language before hiring someone to do your Italian translation services.

  • Dialects: The Italian law recognizes three official dialects – Sardinian, Ladin, and Friulan. However, many other regional variations of Italian and other Romance languages are spoken as a vernacular all over Italy.
  • Writing System: The Italian alphabet has 21 letters. The letters j, k, w, x and y are not included but are used for foreign loanwords.
  • Grammar: Pronouns have 4 cases, while nouns have none. There are two genders and two numbers. There are three regular verb conjugations, and verbs can be conjugated irregularly.
  • Vocabulary: There are many loanwords in English from Italian. Some of the words  are ciao, al fresco, spaghetti, pizza, cappuccino, fiasco, orchestra and a cappella.


Always hire a professional linguist for your Italian translation services, hence call us today.

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