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Translate English to Italian

Italy is known for its cities like Venice, tourist attractions such as the leaning Tower of Pisa, and great cuisine of pastas and pizzas. Italian is the official language in the country and also in Switzerland. In addition, the European Union statistics alone show that there are 59 million native speakers and another 14 million second language speakers in the EU alone. Furthermore, a total of 85 million people around the world speak Italian, according to a 2012 census. Hence, it is not uncommon to need an interpreter for Italian interpretation services or an Italian translator.


Italian Interpretation Services: Translate English to Italian Verbally

Here is a quick guideline for your Italian interpretation services needs and to Translate English to Italian.

Modern Standard Italian is the Tuscan dialect, and is the official language of Italy. Officially, the law recognizes Sardinian, Ladin and Fruilan as official regional languages. The differences usually lie on phonology, specifically the openness of vowels and length of consonants.

Nouns have four cases: nominative, oblique, accusative and dative, while pronouns have none. Genders are masculine and feminine, and numbers are singular or plural. Furthermore, nouns, articles and adjectives inflect for both. There are three regular verb conjugations and you can conjugate some verbs irregularly.

The Italian alphabet has 21 letters, omitting the letters j, k, w, x, and y. However, these letters are used in loanwords.

Italian has been very influential throughout history because it was used alongside Latin in many religious and scientific texts. Hence, it is not surprising to see that many Italian words have made it into the Western vocabulary.

Some examples are:

  • ciao
  • al fresco
  • pizza
  • spaghetti
  • broccoli
  • cappuccino
  • fiasco
  • propaganda
  • maestro
  • orchestra
  • solo
  • piano
  • a capella

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