Translation Companies in London

Language Direct is one of the most trusted translation companies in London.

We can even help you translate the bible so that you don’t have to use a bible app.

We have been in the language business for more than eleven years with thousands of linguists in our team, so we can assure you that your documents including bible studies will be accurately translated and your conversations properly interpreted.

Translation Companies in LondonIt is important to inform clients at every step about realistic timescales and formatting difficulties.  English phrases when translated into Greek won’t take the same amount of space and characters as the original sentence. This applies for any translation. This could affect the amount of space your advertisement campaign requires in another language. We have the experience here in treading the fine line of design versus purpose.

Time and care to forge good relationships with our official translators by always paying on time and getting comprehensive details necessary for doing exceptional translation work. We are also open to queries most times of the day, even at irregular times and can offer translator on any day of the week.

Unlike some translation companies in London, we pride ourselves on being translators ourselves so we are intimate with the process of a professional translation.

Translation Through History

The art of translation and interpretation had its beginnings in the ancient times.

In the 1600’s, John Dryden, and English translator and poet, has explicitly discussed the importance of translation. His translations of verses started a serious dialog in this country of methods of translation.

The translation of holy writings such as the Bible and Koran paved the way for accurate translations of other writings. Translation history is rich in inventions and theories.

In each time period new theories and fields of research develop in the world of translation. Even to the point that some Translation Companies in London depend on machines to do the job. However, machines aren’t always accurate, so we make sure you get the best quality translation by providing only human translators.

Translation Companies in London.

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