Interpreters and Translators in London

One of the biggest aids in the business arena are the interpreters and translators in London.

interpreters and translators in london

Interpretation and translation are tools of both small and big companies in London and all of UK. Language is probably the biggest factor affecting businesses and their profits. It might be noticeable at first but remember that their advertisements, contracts, employment, communication, and more rely on the effectiveness of their language.


Translation and interpretation: what’s the difference?

Some people often confuse translation and interpretation. Some even interchange the two. So, how are these two different?

These two are similar in many ways: the interpreter’s or translator’s love of language, their task of converting words and thoughts from the source- text language to the target- text language, knowledge in both languages and culture is important, among others. However, they also vary in many ways.


The first difference is the medium used. When one translates, it refers to the conversion of text. That means a document, a book, a study, and even a website. An interpreter, on the other hand, performs this orally. This may happen during court proceedings or meetings between two parties.

Skills and qualifications

A good translator need to be, above all things, an expert of the target language. While it is important for him to understand the source text and the culture from the land it originated, it is most important that he can interpret that correctly and accurately into the target language.

An interpreter’s job is more “on the spot”, and he must constantly do improvisations if necessary.This is why it is vital that he speaks fluently in both languages, and as important as speaking is listening.  Active listening skills are a must for any interpreter. Because there is no time to do research or use a dictionary, options that are usually available for translators, interpreters must be fully knowledgeable in both cultures as well. It is important to note that idiomatic expressions and colloquial words are often used in these exchanges. A good interpreter must be able to understand and deliver these thoughts accurately as well.

It is important for both translators and interpreters to have sufficient knowledge of the subject matter as well.

Interpreters and translators in London

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