Remote Interpreting: An Opportunity to Improve Healthcare

remote interpreting

During lockdown, there has been an evident shift of interpreting services moving from in person to online due to the Coronavirus. Telephone and video interpreting methods were already existing but not used as excessively as they are today. These remote interpreting services are supporting many people right now, especially the vulnerable, including those with limited English proficiency. They are at more risk due to the possible lack of access to important information being translated and communicated.

Many language service providers, along with Language Direct are familiar with remote work as translators and interpreters are outsourced remotely allowing their services to expand across the UK. We have worked with many professional medical interpreters who fit out standards to deliver the best service possible. Remote interpreting is a good alternative to face-to-face interpreting for a number of reasons.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

  • There is minimal contact as everything is conducted using technology
  • Increased access to interpreters across the UK
  • Less chance of cancellations or lateness
  • Cost effective as no travelling costs have to be paid to interpreters

However, there are be possible downsides.

  • Technical problems; poor connections
  • Digital literacy as older people may not be too familiar with technology

How to Improve Healthcare interpretations:

 As there are more remote interpretations taking place, this allows easy access to those who are at home and require help. Doctors and nurses can communicate with patients to see if telephone or video interpreting is better suited to them and walk them through how to use it. The number or appointments can also be recorded to see the effectiveness and an indicator of how accessible it is. If there are any issues, healthcare providers can then solve the problems and improve their services.

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