Language Direct Wins Best Telephone Interpreting Company 2020


We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Best Telephone Interpreting Company 2020 in the UK by SME Enterprise Awards.  This award focuses on small-medium sized businesses who are known for their ability to thrive under the most diverse of circumstances as it is an uncertain time right now. 

We would have not won this award if we did not quickly adjust to the lockdown and safety measures taking place by moving from the blockade of face-to-face interpretations to telephone and video interpretations.

There has been an increase in telephone bookings from various industries trying to get back on their feet, more so than video which is more user-friendly to BSL interpreters. We have been offering increased telephone services since March which have been a success and continue to do so even as companies are going back to face-to-face bookings. It is a service which is here to stay as a possible lockdown looms ahead of us but we shall adapt to our clients needs when that time comes as you can rely on us!

Language Direct also won Best Document Translation Company 2017 previously by SME too a few years ago which proves that our qualified interpreters and translators are fit to work with your organisations to deliver the best service.