Where to Find a Qualified Healthcare Translator

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As the number of immigrants, migrant workers and tourists in the UK increase every year, more and more patients with limited English proficiency – or those who speak English as a second language –  are also seeking healthcare in various medical institutions in the UK. Hence, the need for a qualified healthcare translator has also significantly increased.

A study conducted in the US showed that almost 3,000 cases of unexpected deaths, tragic or fatal injuries, and other catastrophic events have been linked to communication breakdowns. The study also found that those patients who are not proficient in English experience a bigger percentage of these events.

Why are these second- speakers experiencing this? This happens because hospitals and other healthcare institutions usually rely on the knowledge and language skills of the patient’s family members or bilingual staff when doing translation.

Healthcare Translator

On the other hand this increasing multi- cultural client base requires healthcare translation services to make medical materials available in multiple languages.

This is where a qualified, trained and experienced healthcare translator can do a better job at closing the gap. A professional translator has both the linguistic, cultural and technical knowledge to provide language translation services without letting their emotions or personal connection to the patient get in the way.

What criteria should you consider when hiring a translator?

A translator is not just someone who is bilingual. It is important to hire someone qualified to do the job to avoid miscommunication. Your translator must also :

  • be a native speaker of the target language
  • have professional experience doing healthcare or medical translation services
  • have background on the medical or healthcare field
  • possess a diploma or related certificate in translation or a related course or study

Most of all,  examples of documents translated here are:

  • Consumer Medication Information (CMI) leaflets
  • Medical Claims
  • IVR scripts
  • Provider & pharmacy directories
  • Studies and papers
  • Warnings
  • HIPAA related translations
  • Plan handbooks
  • Consent forms
  • Discharge information
  • Website localization

Also some other examples are:

  • Contracts
  • Patient information forms
  • Regulatory documents
  • Patient charts
  • Evidence of Coverage
  • Instructions to patients (SIGs)
  • Brochures
  • Patient education materials
  • Summary of benefits
  • Application forms
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Advertisements

As a result  you can also hire the best healthcare translator in London and get the accurately translated documents from Language Direct.

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