Why Professional Interpreters Are Crucial For Probation Services

London Community Rehabilitation Company

We provide interpretation and translation services to community rehabilitation companies (CRC) across London and the UK. This includes working on different offence cases, attending appointments, courts, prisons and probation offices. 


There are a high number of foreign language speakers in CRCs. This highlights the necessity of quality written translation and interpreting of probation services for the reception, meetings, and medical assessments. Professional language services should always be used confidentiality or accuracy is required as it contributes to people’s safety and wellbeing. 


Our interpreters can assist with these probation services:


  • Cases such as arrest, assault and attacks
  • Community sentence
  • Working with high-risk offenders
  • Risk assessments


If an offender speaks little to no English, this could be an issue when meeting their offender manager as language barriers are present. This can get in the way of assessing the situation or progress that has been made. It can also lead to a risk of reoffending or harm if signs are not noticed earlier. 

Our translators can help with document translations for:


  • Appointments
  • Court letters
  • Warning notifications
  • Written evidence


Potential issues by using offenders or staff to interpret

Other offenders should not be used as interpreters for several reasons. One reason is a violation of confidentiality as sensitive information can be disclosed. Due to cultural and religious backgrounds, some topics might not be interpreted accurately on traumatic experiences, sexual assault or orientation. Depending on their relationships, the offender may share little if they are not comfortable openly expressing themselves. There might also be a lack of literacy skills present which can cause communication problems.  


The need to use professional interpreting facilities is key whenever language barriers are identified. A professionally trained interpreter can guarantee precise communication as confidentiality is a given. There will be no judgement on their side as there is a lack of bias and it shows that support is available. These are some skills that multilingual staff cannot completely promise. 


Book a professional Interpreter or translator with Language Direct today! We have 20 years of experience in the industry. Whether you require face-to-face interpreting, telephone or video interpreting, we cater to all. Get your free quote within 24 hours here.  

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