Law Translation and Its Impact to Business

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law translation

Translation of foreign law is not uncommon. These are important tools for lawyers, especially those who typically deal with foreign clients. However, translated law dictionaries are not always readily available. For example, the first legal dictionary translated in Urdu has only been made available on Sept. 15th, 2013.


Law Translation in Law Suits

Some more popular examples of using law translation is the case of Christian Louboutin against Yves Saint Laurent in 2011. The lawsuit was filed after YSL made shoes that had red soles. The red sole has been a distinctive feature of  Louboutin shoes for a long time. Although the two are French companies, took part in the US. This posed some of challenges in terms of translation.

Harley Lewin, lawyer for Christian Louboutin, described their four biggest difficulties in the “discovery” during international litigation:

  1. language
  2. culture
  3. local laws
  4. volume of data and information, for example: emails

During the case of Louboutin vs. YSL, one conflict between the US and French laws was the expansive discovery rights given to lawyers by the US courts, while on the other hand, there are very strict French privacy laws.

According to Lewin, they sought the help of a translation agency to help sort through documents needed in the case. This allowed them to create a system that will protect certain communications. The translated documents also helped in the partial win of Louboutin in the case.

Another international lawsuit that made headlines was that of US company, Apple, and Korean company, Samsung, evolving around patents and infringements. Here, language and culture were great barriers during the entire case. One translation company worked this bit for both sides of the suit.


The Money in Law Translation

In 2009, when Panasonic bought Sanyo – two electronic companies that are both Japanese, the US required so much documentation that the translation company who worked the case translated around 100 million words, and earned around $25 million in fees.

According to the research firm Common Sense Advisory, they estimate the language services industry to be worth about $34 billion worldwide. It grows about 12% annually.


Although there are specialise software to transcribe and translate electronic data, the risk is simply too big to use such in international law suits. Translators with expertise on the language and culture are best in working these cases to ensure that the right information is squeezed out. Topics that are especially technical will not be accurately translated by a machine.


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