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German translation services is one of the most in- demand language services in London. Language Direct has experienced linguists who can provide the most accurate translations in specialised fields.

German Translation Services

Why is German translation services highly in demand?

One of the most widely spoken languages in the world is German, with over 120 million native speakers and an additional 80 million (plus) people speak it as a second language. Additionally, it holds official status in six countries and the Vatican Swiss Guard, is a working language in the European Commission and FIFA, and is the most spoken native language in the European Union.

Additionally, the third most learned or most taught language in the world is German, and every tenth book published worldwide is in German. Also, the tenth most widely spoken language in the world and  one of the top five languages used online is German.

Approximately a quarter of the tourists in the US are German- speaking. Germany is also the second most popular European destination for American tourists to visit.

Interesting Facts on German Translation Services

Before hiring a German translator – or someone for German interpretation services, here are a few interesting facts that you can test your applicants on:

  • Loanwords – Some examples of German words that made it to the English vocabulary are kindergarten, zeitgeist and angst.
  •  This term is used for English words that are slotted into German grammar but with German endings. The result is not only strange- sounding endings with genders attached, but new meanings as well. Some examples are: die Airconditioning: air conditioning; Babysitten: to babysit; joggen – to go jogging; or running, das ; Handy – the mobile phone; and finally der Showmaster : the TV host.
  • False Friends: Despite loanwords between English and German, there are a good number of words that may look or sound the same as one  English word, however the meaning can be completely different. For example: fast means almost; after means rectum; bald means soon; mist means rubbish or bird poop; rat means advice;  gift means poison.
  • There are very long words in the German language. For example, one regulation in the German government called the “Growth Acceleration Act” literally translates to “Wachstumsbeschleunigungsgesetz”. The “Beef Labeling Regulation and Delegation of Supervision Law” translates to”Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz”.
  • In German, all nouns are capitalized.
  • German is written using the Latin alphabet with 26 letter, and three additional vowels with Umlaut: äö and ü, and the Eszett ß.

Language Direct can help you with any document you need for German translation services.

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