Filipino Interpreting Services

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Filipino Interpreting Services

Filipino, one of the official languages of the Philippines, is the native language of about one- thirds of the country’s population and an additional 45 million speak it as a second language. Additionally, the Philippines is known for its pristine beaches and colourful culture, making it a magnet for millions of tourists every year. Furthermore, the Philippines is  the biggest exporter of professional nurses around the world, as millions of Filipinos work as immigrants abroad. These special situations make high demands for Filipino interpreting services.

According to the Philippine Embassy in London, there are about 200,000 Filipinos living in the UK according to 2013 records. This number also includes those who are British citizens, permanent residents, and moreover children of Filipinos. According to the same website, most of the Filipinos living in the UK work in the health care sector as nurses, carers and others.

The demand for Filipino health care workers in the UK continues to increase. In February 2015, the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment has announced that two placement agencies based in the UK. They are acting in behalf of three NHS Trusts who were looking to hire 220 nurses at the beginning of the year. Moreover, this means that there is a steady demand for Filipino interpreting services in the UK, particularly in London.

Here are some interesting facts about the Filipino language that you can use to test your interpreter applicants:

  • There are over 170 languages or dialects in the Philippines however some records state there are as many as 125.
  • The English word “bundocks” comes from the Filipino word “bundok” which means mountains.
  • Most people think the national language is Tagalog, however Filipino is actually based on Tagalog. This is also one of the dialects in the country.
  • English shares official status with Filipino.
  • Filipino has many loanwords from Spanish, as the the country was colonized by Spain for over 300 years.
  • The language is also influence greatly by English. The term “Taglish” is coined to refer to using English and Tagalog words simultaneously in the same sentence or phrase.

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