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Swedish Interpreter

Swedish is a well preserved language that dates back to the 15th century . Nowadays, in Sweden and Finland, Swedish is fluently spoken, where it holds the official status.

About 8 million speak Swedish, which is very similar and mutually intelligible with Norwegian and Danish. (see Norwegian Interpreter and Danish Interpretation Services)

If you are looking to hire a Swedish interpreter in London, make sure you find someone who is a professional linguist and a native speaker of the language.

Sweden only declared Swedish as its official language in 2009. They also recognised as minority, five other languages. These are Finnish, Sami, Meänkieli (Torne Valley Finnish), Romani and Yiddish. When you interview your interpreter applicant make sure that they can speak Swedish proficiently ­ and not one of the minority languages.

Here are a few language facts that you may want to test your Swedish interpreter on:

  • In Swedish dialects there are either 17 or 18 vowel phonology, composed of 9 long and 9 short vowels.
  • Woxikon, an online dictionary, has over 41,000 Swedish words listed. There are more words starting with S than any other letter.
  • The word “please” don’t have a direct translation in Swedish.
  • The word “grandfather” in Swedish is differentiated whether he is one’s paternal or maternal grandfather.
  • In the Swedish alphabet, the letter W do not exist.
  • There are three additional alphabets which are å, ä and ö. They all come after Z.
  • When one says “a little” in Swedish, they actually mean “a lot”. In fact, there is no way to directly express “a little” in Swedish.
  • Swedish vocabulary is mainly Germanic, although there is a large number of loanwords from French as well.
  • It uses syntax that is similar to both German and English. The basic word order is subject ­ verb ­object, and main clauses generally use verb­ second word order.

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