Free Document Translation: A Recipe for Disaster

Have you ever used a free document translation software? Or should you ever consider using one?


You have several options to get translation of documents. You can:

  • ask a bi-lingual friend or colleague to complete the translation
  • hire a freelance translator
  • go to a language service provider
  • use a free document translation software

Regardless of which option you pick, you will still end up with a translated document. But the big question is, how accurate is it?

Accuracy in Free Document Translation

Downloading the free document translation software could be convenient for you. It can even provide you with a quicker translation of any reports, manuals or documents thus improving your productivity. But the use of such tool could greatly affect the quality and structure of the document that you want to translate.

Document translation is very sensitive. If done correctly (or incorrectly) could create a big impact just like what happened in the past.

KFC’s sloga “finger lickin’ good” was once translated as “eat your fingers off” in Chinese

The huge milk campaign “Got Milk?” was translated to “Are you Lactating?” in Mexico

Many people think this is hilarious but think of how big of an impact it is to the business.  Just one small mistake in translation and the marketing message conveyed to the consumers is not the correct one.

Translation mistakes can be serious.  One very critical error in translation happened during the World War 2 in 1945. The Japanese Premier Kantaro Suzuki have said in a news conference “No comment”. They have made and mistake and translate that to  “We’re still thinking about it”.

Because he used the word “mokusatsu” that can also mean “we’re ignoring it in contempt,” that was the message that was relayed to President Truman. Ten days later, the atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima.

Document Translation – A Serious Business

Critical. Serious. That’s how a document translation project is and should be treated.  Those mistakes in the past can be prevented if each and every company select the best translation service that will provide the most accurate translation of their document and not just fully rely on free document translation softwares.

Avoid the pitfalls.  Hence, call Language Direct now for professional language translation services.

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