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Language Direct provides corporate translation services anywhere in London. Furthermore, our team of translators and interpreters can help you with over 189 languages.

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Corporate Translation and Interpration services:

‘Corporate Translation and Interpration services’ is another type of professional translation services which also covers specific types of translations.

Here are some of them:

  • Accounting;
    • Companies who need translation services in this field include: banks, accounting firms, insurance companies and also other financial institutions.
  • Advertising;
    • Advertising materials that are often translated when a company expands globally include websites, commercials, billboards, product brochures, magazine promotions and finally marketing emails
  • Banking;
  • Contract;
    • It is important for two parties signing an agreement that they both understand the terms of the contract that they are signing (read more about contracts here)
  • Engineering;
    • This area covers oil and gas, power generation and  additionally different types of energies and chemicals (read more about engineering translation services)
  • Financial;
    • This is perhaps one of the most technical types of translation services and needs careful review and work (more about your translator here)
  • Food and beverage;
    • A perfect example of this is menu translation of those that are written in a foreign language
  • Healthcare;
  • Human resources;
    • The HR department is one of the busiest and most critical in any company, meaning accurate translations will allow for proper communication within the company.
  • Legal;
  • Manufacturing;
    • This is the first step in many industries and translation of policies, training and finally operating manuals are vital in ensuring the creation of quality materials
  • Marketing;


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