How to Learn a New Language For Free

Do you want to learn a new language, for free?

Learn  a New Language for free. Being bilingual  -is a great asset, be it at work, school or when you are travelling. Your heavy dictionary is no longer your best friend in this endeavor. The internet is the best resource to learn a new language for free, with thousands of websites available offering language courses or tips. Below are our some resources to help you learn a new language for free.

  • Courses – try these websites for structured lesson plans and courses that you can follow
    • Duolingo – It offers Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian, with more languages to be added soon. The site has a well organized list of assessments you can take and you can also compete with other users. There is also a smartphone app available.
    • BBC Languages – The site is aimed for use of travelers and offers basic key phrases in 36 languages you would need to survive when traveling. It also offers six 12- week courses in French, Spanish, German, or Italian.
    • Omniglot Intro to Languages – It provides great first introductions to many languages and provides links to courses and other tools for each language.
  • Language Exchanges – you can have more fun as you learn a new language for free by talking / chatting to native speakers of foreign languages
    • italki – The site offers online language learning services from teachers who are native speakers.
    • Verbling – The site uses the idea of a “chat roulette” and put a language learning spin to it. You do not have to schedule chats in advance. You can just visit the site and activate the chat and you can talk to a native speaker for 5 minutes – as long as you help them with your language for 5 minutes too.
    • The Polygot Club – They organize regular meet ups in cities with speakers of different languages so you can practice various languages. You can also contact users directly yo get help on correcting text or chat exchanges.
  • Vocabulary Help – learn a new language for free by using a free vocabulary app (or site) that can help you familiarize yourself with foreign language vocabulary
    • Memrise – The sire offers pre- made mnemonics for vocabulary learning in various languages. The Memrise app is also  available for free.
    • Anki – Anki is more popular as an app, but there is also a web version that you can use. You can set up decks of the most important words in one language from their huge database.
    • Quizlet – While the site is not solely focused on language learning, it offers flash card based tools that are language specific.
  • Reading and Pronunciation – try this website to practice reading your language
    • Learning With Texts – It offers both an online resource and an offline one that you can download. You can input the text and click on the words for their translation. You can then add those words to your personal database and then use them in a a flashcard tool.
    • Forvo – Forvo is like a Wikipedia for word pronunciations in various languages.
    • Rhinospike – The site provides pronunciations of full sentences or phrases. You can submit your requests and help other users by completing their requests too.
  • Native Content in a Foreign Language – learn using materials that are native to the language you want to learn
    • Tunein – This site lets you listen to live radio streaming from all over the world. Select the continent and country that you want and then pick out one of the radio stations available.
    • StumbleUpon – The site provides a collection of the “best” websites around. Their toolbar has the option to “stumble upon” interesting sites in a specific language. Learn a new language for free by watching interesting videos or reading fun blogs.
    • Translations are also available for many English contents on the site.
  • Forums – get tips and more help as you learn a new language for free from online forums

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