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Thai Translator

Thailand’s national official language is Thai: Siamese or Central Thai. About 60 million speak the language as their first and second languages. Laos and Cambodia are the neighboring country where people also speak Thai.

Hiring a translator for Thai Language Translations – or any translator, for that matter :

Requires making sure that they are qualified for the job. Your Thai translator must speak the language perfectly and must be native. Hire a translator with background on the specific topic that you need translations for.

The more on the job experience a translator has, the more likely they are to know the tricks of the trade.

Here are some language facts that anyone doing Thai translation services must be familiar with:

  • Thai borrows a lot of words from Sanskrit, Pali and Old Khmer. (More on Sanskrit translation.)
  • There are 44 consonants, 32 vowels and 5 tonals in Thai pronunciation.
  • There are distinct registers including: street or common, elegant or formal, rhetorical, religious and royal.
  • The Thai script has Indian origins – from the Khmer script, which derives from the Indian Brahmic script. Words are written from left to right horizontally.
  • 8 characters  are used exclusively for Pali and Sanskrit words.


If you’re traveling to Thailand, you don’t need a Thai translator to learn a few words. Watch the video below.


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