Working with Sign Language Interpreters

How do you ensure that sign language interpreters are able to communicate effectively?

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Meeting organizers should include the requirements of sign language interpreters when planning an event or a meeting in considering some factors. This is not an option but an integral part of the event that shouldn’t be left until the last minute. This because the audience of the event must be able to absorb what the topic is all about through this medium of communication. However, we shouldn’t just rely on the sign language interpreters to ensure that the message is sent across effectively.

Working with Sign Language Interpreters

Helping out Sign Language Interpreters

Sign language interpreters need to see everything and everyone clearly. One must make sure that they have clear visibility of the multimedia presentations, videos and/or any documents that may be helpful for them so that they can  relay the message to the audience more effectively.

They should be able to sit or stand comfortably for the entire duration of the event or meeting.  Provide the interpreter with an adjustable chair without armrests and a good back.The audience needs to see the interpreter clearly.


Here are a few things that you should take into consideration for effective communication:

  • interpreters should seat or stand right beside the speaker.
  • the audience  can see the interpreter
  • the interpreter can see the visual information projected
  • get rid of the things that could distract the interpreter

However, if you foresee that the event could take more than an hour, make sure that you have more than one interpreter and have them take regular breaks.

Furthermore, you must  remember that the more they know about the topic, the more they perform well during the meeting so prepare a written document of what’s going to be discussed in the event. Have this available and hand it over to your sign language interpreter. Below are pieces of information that should be helpful:

  • names and roles of the attendees or the people involved
  • agenda
  • speech notes
  • handouts

Providing the interpreters with their necessities could mean a more efficient, smooth and successful event.  All it takes is for the clients and the interpreters to work together.

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