Getting a Good Translation

What defines a good translation?  How do we ensure the quality of the translated document? Get premium translation services of every kind from Language Direct.


We listed a few questions that could help you get a good translation of your documents.  But before going through the each one of them, let’s define a couple of terminologies first.

  • A translator works with written documents and an interpreter does the translation orally.
  • The source language is called the language in which your text is written. The target language is the language in which you want to translate your text.Getting a Good Translation

Why a should a translator translate a document into their native language?
It is essential that a professional translator translates into their native language. This is important because he knows all the nuances and the subtleties of that language. He will be able to provide a good translation with a more precise message.

However sometimes if you can’t hire a native translator, make sure to hire a professional in the target language.


When should I contact the translator?
If you want a good translation of the document, wait until you have finished writing the material. Also, make sure that you proofread carefully before initiating the translation. This because getting the document translated before it’s completed could increase the risk of misunderstanding. Also, possible errors in the final text. Furthermore, could also cost you more since the translator would have to redo some of the texts. However, if you cannot help but make changes along the way, then tell the translator immediately. Highlight the changes and make sure that you add the date to the different versions of the document before handing the document.

How long would it take to finish translating?

Provide all necessary information to your translator. So you could allow him to assess how much time he will need to complete the project. However, take time to read the translated document before you disseminate it. This to ensure that you have a good translation of your document.

Who is the recipient of your document?
A text is not translated in the same way as it is intended to be published internally or be distributed to a wide audience that’s why you also need to share your intentions with your translator so that  he will be able to select the appropriate style or tone for your document.

Do I need to hire a specialist in the field?
It is best to use a translator who specialize in your field as it is quite different to translate an article from a medical journal, an annual report, a contract or a recipe. Contact your translator, answer questions and, if possible, put it in contact with a specialist internal to your company, to whom he can turn to in case of questions. Do not worry if you ask questions; it is often a good sign.

If you have regular translation needs try to use the same translator so you create a relationship of trust. The translator will have a better mastery of your product, strategy and business and his quality of work will even be better.

What about machine translation?
Texts translated by machine translation software can not be used as such because the texts they produce are far from being grammatically correct and not always comprehensible. A review is absolutely necessary, but often the translators prefer to work directly from the original text rather than take the output of software translation. There are  some non-free professional software which can be useful tools for certain types of translation, however, they are quite expensive.

Is it better to go to a freelance translator, to a group of translators or a translation agency?
There is no rule on the matter if you want a good translation because basically, it all depends on the relationship that you want to establish with your translator, the volume of documents and deadlines. After all, it is often easier to communicate technical issues with an independent translator since you are in direct contact with him from beginning to end of the project while using a group of translators or translation agency also has advantages especially if you need to translate a document into several languages and the text is very long.

How much would a translation project cost?
The price of a good translation can vary significantly. Nothing guarantees that the most expensive is the best, and vice versa. Think of the time you or your team have spent writing the document,  think about the benefits you expect from this work (better visibility of your company, international brand, expanding the customer base, etc..) , and and then decide the budget you want / can allocate to this project. Proofread your documents well and remove anything that does not apply to foreign customers for it will allow you to reduce the cost of translation without any impact on the quality of work.

Getting a Good Translation is fairly easy.

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