Why Should I Consider Game Localization?

Why Should I Consider Game Localization?

Many publishers and developers end up limiting their capture audience, by not thinking about localization. If you liked the look of an app or game, would you be more inclined to buy it if it was in your own language? Exactly so would your potential customers.

You’re creating your game or app, either to entertain, teach or promote something. Ultimately if you don’t localize, you’re limiting yourself to a select audience. Quite rightly that’s your prerogative, but if you’re looking to get the maximum exposure and want those you reach to have the best experience, you’d do well to localize it into their native language.

With the rise of smart phones, also came the rise of games, and apps for mobile devices.

These have seen untold income coming from direct sales and in app purchases (not to mention the products that came as a result of them).

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As more and more people are connecting to the internet and using a smart device. Therefore, the number of apps and games, and sales on these devices also rise.

With China taking over $17Bn in gaming revenue alone, with Japan following at $12Bn. It is also believed that by 2017, Asia and other growth regions will take 51% of the global market. It would make sense to look at marketing to these countries. In order to do that, localization would also need to take place.

Localization of a game or app doesn’t just mean everything stops with the purchase of games/in app purchases. Once a game has become known and loved by purchasers, there’s then scope for apparel and merchandise. Angry Birds, which was initially free, now has mugs, paid apps, board games, t-shirts and a following world-wide. If they can do it, why can’t you? Remember to make it happen you need localization, that’s where we come in.


Why should I use Language Direct for my localization requirements?

With our specialist translators, and a dedicated localization project manager, we can take away all of the hard work from you. We’ll manage the project, ensure it’s localized properly, have it proof read, and then sent back to you in the format you require. The only thing you’re left to do is upload the localized content to your game and/or app.

So what are you waiting for? You can either obtain a Quote or email Phil to discuss how easy it would be to make your game go global. Remember, Language Direct are always on hand for your localization and interpreting requirements.