Accuracy is the Key for a Foreign Document Translator

A good foreign document translator is the key to translating all of your documents accacuretly. All our translations are ready to be acceptable by NARIC  and all universities in the UK.

A 2011 census showed that the top 20 languages spoken in the UK are English (or Welsh, if in Wales), Polish, Punjabi, Urdu, BengaliGujarati, Arabic, and French. Other Chinese languages except Mandarin and Cantonese, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Italian, Somali, Lithuanian, German, Persian / Farsi, Filipino and finally Romanian.

However if any documents that are written in a foreign language are submitted to support an application such as that for passports, an English translation must be submitted along with the original document.

Make sure your translator is a professional with a valid accreditation from the Association of Translation Companies.

A qualified and highly skilled professional foreign document translator must not only be a member of an organization or employed by a translation company. Here are some other qualities you should look for when hiring a foreign document translator:

  • a degree or notable work experience in the specific field needed
  • a degree or professional training in translation and linguistics
  • a native speaker
  • related work experience

In addition, Below are some of the foreign documents that usually need certified translation services:

In conclusion, it is important to note that a foreign document translator must be a professional in this field. Using your friends is not advisable.

Furthermore a professional translator can accurately translate your documents without risking changing the meaning through mistranslation. As a result, one mistranslated word can lead to miscommunication, wasted time, money and effort – and perhaps even rejection of some applications.

Since Language Direct is doing this since 2001, call us today and make sure you get a qualified and experienced foreign document translator.