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Thai translation services

Thai has a total of 60 million speakers (both first- and second- language speakers).

Considered to be “uninflected, primarily monosyllabic, tonal language”, the spoken Thai originates from the area near the border of Vietnam and China. Thai writing originates from 1283 and has changed very little ever since, making it easy for scholars to understand all documents.

Thai Translation Services

Here are some things you need to know before hiring anyone for your Thai translation services job.

Thailand has many dialects.  Central Thai, or Bangkok Thai,  in the central part of the country is the most popular.  It is also the language of  multi media such as television programs and radio stations.

The typical word order in Thai grammar is subject- verb- object. Thai pronouns depend on gender, relating to the status of both the speaker and the audience.

Adverbs and adjectives have no morphological distinction.

Verbs are not inflecting. There are also no participles. Serial verb constructions are common.

Nouns are also non- inflected. They have no gender or number. There are also no articles.

Thai writing system derives from Pali, Sanskrit, and Indian concepts. Mon and Khmer words have been added into the language. The alphabet has fourty-four consonants and fifteen basic vowel graphemes, which when combined can make about 32 vowel combinations.

When writing for your Thai translation services, characters must be placed horizontally, writing them from left to right with no spaces. The alphabet is phonemic. This means that the word pronunciation is independent of its meaning. The spoken Thai language uses five tones: mid, low, high, rising, and falling. The pitch must be used correctly to understand the words.


Here’s a quick lesson on Thai translation services :


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