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The Turkish Language

With over 63 million native speakers, Turkish is native to Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Northern Cyprus, Greece, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Romania, and Iraq. It is the most widely spoken Turkic language and is the national language in Turkey and Cyprus.

Turkish is also spoken in 35 other countries including the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Greece, Belgium and Germany.  A Turkish Translator or Interpreter might therefore actually happen to be useful.


Turkish Translation Services

Translating from English to Turkish, or vice versa, is not a piece of cake.Transliteration usually results to omitted prepositions or articles, or unparallelled phrases. This will make your sentences sound really funny.

One common grammar mistake of Turkish students who are learning English is the incorrect use of the preposition “to”. For example, they would say “I went to shopping”. The words “fun” and “funny” are also commonly confused. Thus, they say “Playing basketball was funny.”

These common mistakes may already sound odd or funny to you. Imagine the impact of these mistakes if done on documents for business translation or legal translation. The effects could be worse. Götzen, a chain of hardware stores in Europe, branched out in Istanbul. After they found out that “Göt” in Turkish means one’s behind, they changed the store’s name to “Tekzen”.


Here are some other things you need to know for your Turkish Translator or Interpreters service:

  • There are many Turkish words that are borrowed from French, especially those about fashion, medicine, politics and finance. Some examples are: enflasyon/ inflation,  finansman/ financing, resesyon/ recession, and kriz/ crisis.
  • English loadwords are usually those that refer to new technology: çekup/ check up, dizayn/ design, kokpit/ cockpit, and miting/ meeting. Other examples are: site, data, hacker, mortgage, shop, and fast food.
  • Be careful of some words that may look alike:
    • “Hâlâ” means “still” or “yet”, on the other hand “hala” means “aunt” or your father’s sister.
    • “Kar” means snow and “kâr” means profit.
    • The word “karın” can have several different meanings: “of the snow”, “stomach” or “your wife”.


Are you trying to learn Turkish? Here’s a quick lesson on terms related to the kitchen:



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