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The Finno- Ugric Hungarian language is the most widely spoken non- Indo -European language in Europe. With about 15 million speakers worldwide, Hungarian is the official language of Hungary and one of the official languages of the European Union.

In Hungarian, the name for the language is “magyar“. Some also use this term to refer to the Hungarian people, as in an ethnic group.

The earliest written proof of the language date back to the 10th century. Also, the first Hungarian book dates 1533.

Today, Hungarian is more standardized and there are lesser differences between its dialects.

The dialects are: lföld, West Danube, Danube-Tisza, King’s Pass Hungarian, Northeast Hungarian, Northwest Hungarian, Székely, West Hungarian, and the largely isolated Csángó.


Must Know Before Getting Hungarian Translation Services

If you are going to hire a professional translator in London, you may want to know some basic things about the Hungarian language. Having a background on the language may help you in selecting the best linguist for the job. Check that the person who will do the Hungarian translation services for you also know these things. Hungarian is an especially highly inflected language – nouns can have up to 238 forms.


There are up to 18 cases of nouns generally formed using suffixes. Adjectives have three degrees and always  precede nouns.

Verbs have two tenses, three moods, two numbers and three persons. Verbs also used according to object definiteness.

The basic word order is SVO. However, the word order does not only rely on the syntax but also on the topic.  The Hungarian topic- comment structure is topic- comment/ focus- verb- other parts of the sentence.

Finally, in Hungarian,  there are four levels of politeness. These are: Ön (önözés), Maga (magázás, magázódás), Néni/bácsi (tetszikezés) and Te (tegezés, tegeződés or pertu).


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