Why CSR should be important to translation companies

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming more important in this day and age as companies are thriving and helping others out of generosity. There are 14% of migrants residing in the UK.  This makes translation services significant as communicating is needed for everything. There are numerous translations and interpretation companies across the UK who could partner up with charities. They can provide services to help a range of different ethnicities in need of accessing communication assistance. 


Language Direct is a local award-winning translation agency of over 20 years in Leyton who has been working with charities to help social causes. We offer services such as:

  • Face to face interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Document translations
  • Sign language (BSL)
  • Software translations
  • Mobile translations
  • Website translations


Hope for the Young

One of the charities include Hope for the young who work with newly arrived asylum seekers. Their mission is to alleviate hardship and remove obstacles to young refugees and asylum-seekers’ education and well-being through financial and mentoring support. Language Direct supports their cause as an existing donator to charities such as Hasu Trust. Hasu Trust provides better education opportunities to children in India. We provided a free interpreter to Hope for the Young for Oromo; an Afroasiatic dialect as a first booking to help charities across the UK. 

The charity claimed language direct provided “excellent support” as translators are fundamental to charities working with people who have existing language barriers to ensure a smoother path on their new life here. 

Hasu Trust

Hasu Trust sponsors school fees for potentially high achieving students in English schools similar to a scholarship. There are a number of success stories, one example is of a student who lived in the slums of Mumbai and was supported by Hasu Trust since primary school. We are proud to state that he recently became a chartered account in India.  In return, he was able to support his younger brother to complete a BSC degree at university. Libraries have also been sponsored to ensure children have access to English books to assist in their learning. 

By working with facilities across the UK providing free services to health care and charities has helped Language Direct to also grow and become a successful company. CSR does pay off overtime and helps companies thrive.