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Tired of Search Engine Translators and curious what the 4 most common translation services in London are?

All too often in this technological online world people turn to Google Translate. They think is the more viable choice, but there are plenty of other quality alternatives to turn to. Here are the most common translation services in London:

The 4 Most Common Translation office London

Accredited Language Schools

There are tons of language schools out there, and it is quite common for them to pick up extra cash along with their curriculum by providing translation services. Sometimes people are not happy with the results because what is often the case is these schools are sellers. The real translation is done by “native speakers” of whatever language is desired. However, just because someone is a native speaker does not make them a qualified translation professional.


Universities typically compile lists of their faculty, and even students, who can perform translation services on the side. Professors are usually fairly proficient, but just because they are a teacher of language, doesn’t necessarily qualify them to be a legitimate translation professional. Professors are great for smaller demands, but when it comes to big projects, it can get a bit riskier. This is because, in most cases, their real technical knowledge isn’t going to be that high. Students on the other hand will usually come at a cheap price, but the results will always vary.

Freelance Translators

When working with freelancers, it’s going to be like a lottery. Some of them are true experts, and can charge a hefty price.If you want to hire one,  always demand references, samples, and other credentials. You should also check they have provided a landline or address for a contact if anything goes wrong. Many have been fooled by relying on a given phone number only to find out that it is obsolete and unusable.

Language Direct 

Actual translation companies like Language Direct are always the best bet. When working with us you know you can count on the results, we can handle any size project, and everything is top notch and extremely professional. When possible, always choose a real translation company like ours to ensure you get what you pay for. We have a team of interpreters and translators in London who specialize in their languages and are certified and experienced in this field.

No matter what your needs may be, it’s obvious which of the 4 most common translation office London that you should go with, so contact Language Direct and take advantage of our free quotation services today!

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