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simultaneous interpreting

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The art of interpreting plays a key role in today’s world. In business conferences, political meetings, conferences and personal meetings, an interpreter makes it possible for leaders, businessmen, even family and friends who speak different languages to understand one another.


What is the job of the interpreter?

On the outside, the jobs of a translator and an interpreter  are very similar: they translate from a source language to a target language. They only differ by the medium. Translators do their job in writing, while interpreters to theirs orally.

While it is important to note that both jobs demand a great love of language as well as command and fluency in more than one tongue, the training, skill sets, certifications, and talents needed for each job are different.

Interpreters are provided special training on listening skills and note-taking. These are two of the most important skills an interpreter must have. Interpreters need to have the fluency in both the source and target languages to translate back and forth without using dictionaries and other resources.


Simultaneous Interpreting

The commonly used form of interpreting is simultaneous interpreting. This is more popular mainly because it saves time. In this form of interpretation, the interpreter translates from the source language to the target language on-the-spot, while the speaker is talking.

As a general rule, interpreters are not allowed to begin interpreting until they have fully understood the sentence. This is because the idea of the sentence may vary depending upon the positions of the subject and the verb.

This means the concentration required in this job is immense. The interpreter has to translate while at the same time listening to what the speaker is currently saying.

Simultaneous interpreters usually work in pairs. One working on the source language speaker, and the other working on the target language speaker. They prefer to work in sound proof booths so that the other speaker doesn’t distract them.


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