Relay Interpreting Services

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Relay Interpreting Services

What is relay interpreting?

Also known as indirect interpreting, relay interpreting services are commonly used in conferences or large meetings where there is more than one target language, and there is no common language amongst the listeners.


How does relay interpreting services work?

As the conference speakers talks, one interpreter converts the speech into a language common to all the interpreters in the room. In turn, the other interpreters convert the message to the language of their audience.

For example: the first interpreter converts the speech into English for the other interpreters. The other interpreters then interpret that into German, French, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, etc. Hence, the name “relay”.


When is it most efficient to use this type of language interpreting service?

Relay interpreting is only used in exceptionally highly- multilingual meetings. Because of the “relaying” or passing on of the message, the risk of making errors is higher. The second hand message may have more inaccuracies, omissions, additions, and message distortions.


Who are qualified relay interpreters?

Remember to hire only professional relay interpreters for this job  – someone who has the work and educational background, experience and training. Because you will most likely need more than one relay interpreter, hiring from a translation company will be a good idea. They have a pool of qualified professional interpreters available. Do not hesitate to ask for certificates or proofs of qualification, or ask to interview the interpreter yourself.

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