Reasons why you should use medical translators and interpreters

When it comes to health, nothing should be taken too lightly as it is critical for ourselves and our happiness. Language also plays a big role when seeking medical services as they can become barriers which make communicating harder and can lead to help not being received or a misdiagnosis. Here are some reasons why translators and interpreters can be useful to you, whether as a patient, doctor, or staff member.


  • ┬áMedical terminology can be hard to understand if a family or friend accompanies the patient and translates for them without any medical expertise. This could mean that some important terms could be missed or not understood properly undermining the severity of the problem. The patient could also have problems explaining what is wrong with them which could eat up more time and stop them from getting the help they need.


  • In the instance that a doctor is translating the same spoken language as the patient but may not be fluent could also cause miscommunication if they are not on the same page and the patient cannot understand properly. Professional translators and interpreters know how to conduct language services efficiently whereas a doctor or other members of staff may not be trained to do so. By having a medical interpreter, doctors can explain the extent of the situation while keeping the patient on track with all the details and be aware of the treatment options and recovery rate, etc.


  • Some medical facilities might not be able to provide an interpreter, this is where over the phone translators can assist through calls or even emails to make communication easier for both parties. This ensures that patients are being treated effectively while the facility also saves money without having any further problems.

At Language Direct, we have worked with numerous hospitals, dentists and other NHS facilities across the UK over the past 18 years. Our translators and interpreters have the expertise needed to provide a smooth and effective translation due to our professionalism and high quality services. Book with us today!