Qualities of a Professional Translator

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Translation is the process of translating a document from the original language to another language (target language).  People hire translators for several reasons, and it could range from personal matters to formal papers. Some businesses want be able to reach out further to their non-English speaking clients.  Some individuals would hire a translator to complete projects such as an Official Passport Translation or an Official Marriage Certificate Translation.  Regardless of the reasons, the bottom line is that the right person is chosen to complete the task.Qualities of a Professional Translator

Spotting a Professional Translator


Translation is a difficult task that requires getting information and crossing the language barrier. The professional translator therefore should have extensive knowledge on the language combination that he’s working on. He should understand the nuances and complexities of the languages.


There are translators who specialize on certain topics. However, there are some who does translation in various fields. It is important that the professional translator who will work on your project has knowledge of the subject mater that you need him to work on. For example, if you need him to complete a medical translation, you would want to make sure that he has the medical background needed so the project will be completed accurately. How to find that out? Set up a meeting with him to find out his level of comfort on that topic.


Unlike a professional interpreter who needs to “perform live”, a translator will have enough time and resources to do research and find the answers. A professional translator should be both bilingual and bicultural in order to meet the different styles of each written language.


Language translation requires a lot of patience. It can take several hours or even several days to translate a document. The process of translating goes through several phases:

  • Capturing the Original Text
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Changes and Cultural Adaptations
  • Presentation of the Completed Document

A professional translator should have the patient and focus in their work. A good translator should have the ability to learn, have a mind that thinks critically, and have a sense of initiative. A Professional translator should have organisation and be able to adapt to certain circumstances, they often work under tight deadlines.

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