Qualities of an Efficient Translator

Qualities of an Efficient Translator: What makes a good translator?


Qualities of an Efficient Translator

For those who have hired professional translators and interpreters in the past, this is probably a question you have asked every time you hire someone. Many of us can speak a foreign language, but the fact is, that alone does not make us a translator – let alone a good translator (read about the qualities of a professional translator).

Mistranslations (read more about mistranslated ads here) lead to misunderstandings. It is one thing to misinterpret a friend who speaks a foreign language. When it comes to formal documents such as contracts, for example, the mistranslation of a single word can cost you your business, thousands in fees, or worse, a lawsuit (learn more about contract translation).

Hence, it is important that you hire a highly qualified, trained and experienced linguist to do the job.


Qualities of an Efficient Translator

Here are the qualities of  an efficient translator that you want to look for when hiring one. Mother tongue speaker – High quality and consistently accurate translations require not only having studied a language. Non native speakers are more likely to get lost when translating certain nuances in the language and culture. This includes slang words, jargon, vocabulary specific to regional dialects, as well as cultural, social and political influences. A good translator also should have extensive experience in using the target language. Proficiency in both languages is important.

  • Specialization in subject matter. Knowledge and comprehension of the subject matter at hand is perhaps just as important as expertise in the language. For example, when doing pharmaceutical translations, the translator must have background – whether its education, work experience, etc – in the medical field, specifically in pharmaceuticals. A translator with this background will have better understanding of the documents than one who does not. He will also understand industry jargon and common abbreviations that may appear in the document.
  • Industry experience – While there are good rookie translators, experience definitely polishes them into great linguists. They can provide more than just language skills or expertise in the subject matter. Years of experience as a translator or interpreter will arm any linguist the know how in working with different clients and different situations.
  • Professionalism – Certainly, you do not want your translator missing deadlines, or making unnecessary side comments in front of your team or clients. One of the most important non- linguistic qualities of an efficient translation is professionalism. He must be honest, can manage time well, is punctual, flexible, responsive, receptive to feedback. He is disciplined and committed to his job.

Linguists from Language Direct posses these qualities of an efficient translator; call us today and ask about our language translation services.

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