Professional Interpreting Services

Language Direct will work with you in providing high quality professional interpreting services.

professional interpreting services

Language interpretation is the facilitating of communication, either oral or sign language, simultaneously or consecutively, between the users of different languages. While translation and interpretation have basically the same setup, their differences however lie in the medium. Translations refers to translations done in written documents while interpretations are done in conversations. At times, because of the efficiencies of some languages, some messages could appear shorter.  It is when the interpreter considers the thought or expression.  The interpreter not only interprets the message but also conveys every semantic element, every intention and feeling of that message from the source speaker to the target audience or recipients.

     Language Direct has over a decade of experience in providing professional interpreting services.  We pride ourselves in giving the best service at a competitive price.  Our interpreters are one of the best in the field who can convey your message accurately.

Reliable Professional Interpreting Services

We only use the most rigorous recruitment and selection process before anyone can join our team.  Our interpreters have been carefully selected based on their proven language proficiency, extensive experience and educational credentials.  You can be assured that our interpreters have the correct language and subject skills.  With over 1000 linguists on our books, we can match perfectly the linguist needed with your requirements.

We are reliable.  We offer 24/7 appointment service to answer your queries and concerns.  Just tell us when and where you need our services and we will be there.

Any Type, Any Time

We can provide professional interpreting services for any types of events including:

  • Conferences
  • Judicial/Legal
  • Escort
  • Public Sector
  • Medical
  • Sign Language
  • Media

Professional Interpreting Services That Works With You

We provide both simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting services and we will be happy to recommend the service that will best suit your needs.

Waste no time. Request for a professional interpreting services quote now and see for yourself what we can do for you.

Language Direct it’s currently providing services in London | Birmingham| Leeds| Glasgow| Sheffield | Bradford | Edinburgh | Liverpool | Manchester | Bristol | Wakefield | Cardiff | Coventry | Nottingham | Leicester | Sunderland | Belfast | Newcastle upon Tyne | Brighton | Hull | Plymouth| Stoke-on-Trent | Wolverhampton | Derby | Swansea | Southampton | Salford | Aberdeen | Westminster | Portsmouth | York | Peterborough | Dundee | Lancaster | Oxford | Newport | Preston | St Albans | Norwich | Chester | Cambridge | Salisbury | Exeter | Gloucester | Lisburn | Chichester | Winchester | Londonderry | Carlisle | Worcester | Bath | Durham | Lincoln | Hereford | Armagh | Inverness | Stirling | Canterbury | Lichfield | Newry | Ripon | Bangor | Truro | Ely | Wells | St Davids


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