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Polish Interpretation Services

Learning About Polish

A descendant of Old Polish and Middle Polish, the Polish language is spoken by over 40 million people as a native language today, with a popular dialect being Yiddish . It is the official language in Poland, and is widely spoken in Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania, Ukraine, Israel, Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Lithuania, the UK, the USA and Russia. Polish it’s the 29th most spoken language in the world.


Polish Interpretation Services

One challenge in Polish interpretation services, as well as in Polish translation, is the various Polish dialects that are spoken in different parts of Poland. This can cause confusion and difficulty in distinguishing between variations to those who do not speak the language natively. However, native Polish speakers have no trouble making distinctions and can easily understand Polish dialects and variations.

If you are also needing Polish translation services, it is important to know the orthography of the language. The alphabet originates from the Latin alphabet, with added letters that are formed using  diacritics. Some examples are ą, ę, ć, ł, ń, ś, ż, ź. While these are already difficult for non- native speakers to pronounce, Polish spelling also strings together letters that add more challenges to new speakers. This includes ch, cz, rz, sz, szcz. A traveler, for example, will have a hard time ordering a barszcz czerwony (a red borscht) at a restaurant.

Polish word order is generally free, but subject – verb – object is most commonly used. The gender system is more confusing. There are three genders – feminine, masculine and neuter. However further distinction is made for masculine nouns: animate and inanimate for singular masculine nouns, and personal and non personal for plural masculine nouns. There is also a complex system being followed for inflection and agreement of cardinal numbers.

Most Polish words that have made their way into English are within the realm of the Polish cuisine such as kabanos, bigos and pierogi. In recent years,

Polish is undeniably one of the most difficult languages to learn. If you are needing Polish interpreters in London it is best to seek the help of a professional interpreter. Language Direct can help you hire the best interpreter in London who will best fit your needs. Contact us and inquire about our Polish interpretation services.

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