Personal document translation

Language Direct Ltd are an independent professional translation company. Our certified translation comes with an assurance that the translation is an accurate replica of the original document, and is certified.

We are a leading provider of professional and certified translation services. We translate and certify thousands of documents monthly. We have been successfully providing our services for 25 years. Our translators have worked with various government authorities, hence we have indepth knowledge of what is precisely needed in the translation to be accepted straight away.

Our translations are accepted by HomeOffice, UK Border Agency, Passport Office, NHS, Benefits Office, DWP, Registration office, General Register Office, various employers, Courts, Police, all official UK bodies etc. If in any doubt please ask.

Yes you are technically able to translate official documents yourself. However, this translation will not be accepted or recognised in a court of law or for other official and legal matters.

Quality Differences

Certified translations have specific requirements that the translator must follow that aren’t required of usual translations. For certified translations, the translator is required to translate all visible content from the source document word-for-word.

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Few examples of personal document are:

Marriage certificate

Divorce certificate

Birth certificate

Death certificate

Citizenship certificate



Medical certificate

Professional licence

Police clearance certificate

Visa document

ID card


Police records

Bank statement

Immigration papers

Financial application

Personal and sensitive documents

and many more