Organizing Multilingual Events

Have you ever organized multilingual events? Language Direct can help you with hiring translators and interpreters in London for your event.


Organizing Multilingual Events

Organizing multilingual events is no easy task.  It takes a lot of team effort in order for it to run smoothly and for it to be successful.  It is important that you know your team enough to identify who will be the key person for every task at hand.

In organizing multilingual events, hiring an interpreter is a necessity.  You should give this task equal importance as inviting key speakers or finding the right venue.  You have to take time in finding the right professional interpreter for that specific event.

Tips in Preparing the Interpreter when Organizing Multilingual Events

For each type of event, you have to inform the appointed interpreter as early as possible about the timing and content.

The following written documents are required:

  • Material about the company, the Association or the institution as well as specific information about the event or individual lectures
  • List of participants, overview of the agenda and organization of the event, any documents relating to previous events
  • Material that is available to participants or shown during the event such as presentations, diagrams and tables and annual reports
  • documents that speaker will read at the event, speaker’s notes, summaries or abstracts of scientific articles.

What to do if you cannot get the information advance:

If you can’t give these needed information in advance due to confidentiality, then consider giving it to the interpreter at least 3 hours before the main event. The bottom line is to make sure that the interpreter gets an overview of the most important content in the remaining time.

Expect that the schedules in organizing a major event such as an international congress to be very hectic.  It is always good to know that you have a reliable person in charge of hiring and ensuring that the needs of the interpreters are met.  This person should coordinate with the professional interpreters and verify the technical equipment’s functionality.  Your team leader should work with the interpreting agency’s contact person to make sure that his team is prepared for the task and that the multilingual communication is running smoothly.


Here’s a multilingual version of the song “Let It Go” from the Disney movie “Frozen”:



We at Language Direct can provide you with the right interpreter that fits your needs.  Call us now.  We want to be  part of your team when you’re organizing multilingual events.

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