Mental health interpreting

Since we launched in 1998, the area of mental health interpreting has remained one of our specialities.

Mental health is an area in which a huge amount of sensitivity and understanding are required. That is why our mental health interpreters have the skill and experience they need to deal with extremely difficult situations and sensitive cases. They know how important it is do develop a confidential, productive and understanding relationship with both the client and the service user in order for communication to be fully effective and get the right results.

Effective dialogue

Communication in any clinical relationship is of the utmost importance. Without effective dialogue a clinician cannot fully understand the experiences of the patient, nor formulate a diagnosis. Without this knowledge it is impossible to define appropriate treatment or develop any kind of therapeutic relationship.

We are experts in the field of mental health interpretation, and through our interpreters thousands of patients every year get advice and treatment they so badly need. Whether it is a health assessment or a counselling session, our mental heath interpreters will make sure that the barriers are removed, and that none of our clients is denied the communication they need in order to ensure the right treatment.

“Language Direct were recommended to our service just over a year ago and in this time, they have proved reliable, trustworthy, dependable and friendly. They have delivered all of our requirements¬† in a professional manner. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”
Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust

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