Marketing Translations Gone Wrong


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Have your heard about Marketing Translations that went wrong?  Was it funny? Annoying? Or did you just roll your eyes and walk away?

Marketing Translation is essential for companies who want to reach and expand in the global market. This is one aspect of marketing the need to hire highly experienced language translators is critical. The campaign needs to be accurate and finding the right language translator often poses a challenge even on those big-named companies.

Going Global with Marketing Translations

It’s tough when you want to go global. You need to consider the localization of the marketing and promotional content. Different regions have different languages and cultures, creating the possibility that a successful marketing campaign in one country may be a flop in another. Here are some examples:

1.     Pepsi’s slogan “Pepsi Brings You Back to Life” was translated literally in Chinese as “Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Grave.”

Rather creepy, don’t you think?

2.     Clairol previously  launched a curling iron in Germany called “Mist Stick.” Mist in German slang means manure.

I don’t think many people will be interested in manure sticks.

3.     Parker Pen wanted to market their pen in the Mexican market as the pen that “won’t leak in your pockets and embarrass you.” The company translated embarrass as “embazar,” which actually means to impregnate. Now the translated marketing line was “It won’t leak in your pocket and impregnate you.”

I’m not really sure how I feel about that.

When you are translating any document, you need to consider linguistic and cultural differences  for marketing translations to be successful. It’s not just all about translating words.

Watch the video below for more examples:



Marketing Translations Specialists

Translation for advertisements and marketing materials demands skilled and experienced translators who could address both cultural and linguistic aspects. At the same time these professional translators should also have the appropriate marketing and advertising knowledge for it to be successful. You need a lot of creativity and effort to come up with amazing advertising and marketing materials, and it requires a lot more if you want to make it work in a different region.

If you are one of those companies who want to make it in the international market, then make it a point to prevent the mistakes other companies have made in the past. Only entrust your marketing translations to experts with superior knowledge on the language that they work on and on marketing and advertising itself. Don’t make your company an addition to the list of marketing translations gone wrong.

Consult the experts. Call Language Direct now if you need marketing translations.

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