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We provide quality language translation services UK – wide, either online or in person, at a fee that  you can afford.

Use Language Translation Services Wisely

language translation servicesIt’s too easy to surf around the search engines and get crushed by a massive wave of low quality websites and alleged language translation services. You know how important it is to communicate in today’s world, and be accurate at it. But how can you be sure that you are getting a high quality?

Here’s a few things to watch out for:

  • Lack of credentials:

    Language Direct has an eleven year track record behind us; if the interpreters and translators you’re talking to can’t prove they have the proper certifications like our staff. Be cautious. Quality is the deciding factor. Nothing speaks volumes about customer service than testimonials, so if a site doesn’t at least encourage them, then there could be a problem. Language Direct is one translation agency in London with great customer satisfaction rates from customer feedback and testimonials.

  • Transparency:

    All prices, fees, regulations, and contractual stipulations should be in plain view, not awkwardly dismissed in a shady manner. Language translation is a serious business, and has been since the historic Tower of Babel; we take it seriously. Everything about the way we do business is out in the open for anyone to read and understand. It’s important to us that our customers are informed as possible, because this knowledge makes everything go smoother in the end.

  • Fees for quotes:

    Charging fees for quotes shows a lack of business confidence and professionalism. Language Direct provides accurate and quality quotes for anyone interested free of charge. These aren’t the typical fly by night quotes either, but very in depth and magnified so that our customers know exactly what they’re getting.

  • Good matches: 

    A language agency should take the time to ask questions like what the topic is about, what type of format it needs to be in etc. Finding out more about the translation straight away mean trying to match you up with the linguist with the right skills and experience. For example legal translation services should use a translator which experience in that field

  • Privacy:

    All documents should be treated with care and discretion. Any agency should have a privacy policy in place so you can be assured how your writings are treated.

Talk to the potential translator will also give you a good idea of their skills and work ethic. A detail oriented translator will be interested in getting all the facts about your projects. Authentic communication means too much for Business Translation Services In London and or personal translations.

Remember that we also provide certified translation services in London and serve many clients in the legal, medical and government fields.

When it comes to language translation services in London or anywhere, Language Direct comes correct.

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