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Escort Interpreter

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What is escort interpreting?

Travelling to another country can be both exciting and stressful. Learning a new culture, trying the local cuisine and seeing wonderful sights are all fun, an escort interpreter can help. However, communication can be frustrating if you do not speak the local language. Shopping or ordering food can be difficult and take a lot of time. This frustration over the difficulty in communication will only be multiplied if you are traveling for business. An escort interpreter is the solution to this problem. In escort interpreting, the interpreter orally translates what the client intends to say in the local or foreign language as well as what is said around the client in that local or foreign language. Essentially, the job of an escort interpreter is to make sure that the client and those around him all understand what is being communicated.

Your Escort Interpreter

Escort interpreters are also called travel interpreters or escorting interpreters. They act as your assistant, a local expert who is helping you navigate the city or country during your trip. They are also cultural liaisons who do not just interpret conversations for you, but will also help you order food or close a big business deal. Your interpreter can accompany you to one meeting or to multiple meetings. You can also use escort interpreting in meet and greets, interviews, tours, various events, and more. Escort interpreting is a more informal type of professional interpreting services and you can also hire an interpreter if you are traveling with a group.

Qualities of a Good Escort Interpreter

Hire an interpreter who is an expert in:

  • The Languages – It is not enough for escort interpreters to be bilingual. They must posses the expertise to understand and interpret idioms, nuances and dialects. Ideally, you want to hire someone who is a native speaker.
  • The Cultures – Your interpreter must be familiar with both linguistic and cultural nuances to help you get around easier during your trip. An in- depth experience living in both cultures will help the him interpret the culture back and forth without causing (and avoiding) cultural confusion.
  • The Locations – It is important that your interpreter knows the area where you will be traveling so that they can take you from the airport to your hotel, to your meetings, and suggest good places to eat, shop and visit.

Your interpreter must also be professional and has pleasing personality. The last thing you want is for your interpreter to show up late. Remember that your escort interpreter is representing you and your company, and may have a hand on the business dealings that you will have on your trip. You want a companion who is friendly, personable and someone you can trust. Your interpreter can help make your international travel a success. Hire only a qualified and experienced escort interpreter from Language Direct.

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