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French translation: The Language of Love

The French language is an Indo – European Romance language that is the official language of France, as well as twenty-eight other countries and thirteen independent entities. Countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Morocco and Mauritius, among others, commonly use French administratively and culturally. It is the fourth most-spoken mother language in the European Union, with 77 million native speakers all over Europe. It is also widely spoken as first and second language in various areas around the globe such as Canada and the United States. French translations ,therefore, are very popular.

There is a large number of French words, phrases and expressions that are used in daily English conversations.If you want proof, just visit your local café. The menu will probably include an omeletteolives, pâté, soufflé or chocolate mousse. You probably also order champagne occasionally.


Translating Documents from French to English (language french translation)

A reliable French translator must have a lot of experience in his arsenal. Translating from French to English needs expertise. One must have studied the language and speak it fluently in order to help you with:

  • Birth certificate
  • Degree
  • legal translations
  • technical translations
  • Biomedical translations

To start with, there are many variations of French dialect, all of them having differences in vocabulary, as well as phonology. Your French translator must have a good grasp and understanding of these. He or she must also be an expert in the French alphabet, which has its roots from the Latin script. French uses twenty-six letters, four diacritics appearing on vowels, the cedilla appearing in “ç”, and two ligatures: “œ” and “æ”. French writing is also affected by its orthography and the spoken language. The phonology of French affects its written form – nasal, digraphs, gemination and accent.

Getting a short course in French does not automatically make one a professional translator. This is why one should hire a qualified linguist from a notable language company like Language Direct.

For example, if you are buying a hotdog and you say for “un chien chaud”, you will certainly get laughed at, since “un chien chaud” literally means a hot dog. Say “un hotdog” instead. There are also some French words that sound like English words, which can cause confusion. For example, “sensible” means sensitive, “deception” means disappointment and a “journal” is a newspaper.


Learning French? Here’s a quick lesson on how to say colors in French:


Whether you need a French to English translator for medical translations, official passport translation, or other document translations, Language Direct can in help you find one in your local area.

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