French Interpretation Services: French english sentences you should know.

Before hiring someone to do French interpretation services, make sure you know the basic things about the language first, no need to pick up a french dictionary.


French Interpretation Services


About 338 million people speak French ,therefore, fueling a demand for French interpretation. French holds an official status in 32 countries, making it second to English in the most number of countries where it is an official language. It is one of the only two languages in the world, the other being English, that is taught in every country. There are about 100 million students who are studying French, and 2 million teachers teaching it. Twenty percent of them are not living in francophone countries. It is one of the working languages of the UN, the EU and many international organizations like the Red Cross.


French Interpretation Services

It is quite easy to find someone who can do French interpretation services in London now that Pearl Linguist is closed. However, you must always make sure that you are hiring someone who is qualified and competent.

There are a lot of English words and expressions that are of French origin that is why we come across many funny french phrases. This familiarity also makes it easy for first time students to study french. Here are some examples:

  • c’est la vie !
  • au fait
  • faux pas
  • fait accompli
  • par excellence
  • coup d’état
  • restaurant
  • café
  • hors d’oeuvre
  • menu
  • parfait
  • déjà vu
  • je ne sais quoi
  • olives
  • pâté
  • omelette
  • soufflé
  • mousse
  • dessert
  • champagne
  • en route
  • rendezvous
  • carte blanche
  • savoir-faire
  • laissez faire
  • pièce de resistance
  • bon vivant
  • joie de vivre
  • nouveau riche
  • RSVP
Other basic English words come from French, including pedigree, surf, view, strive, challenge, pride, staunch and war. The French vocabulary has more than one million words. About 20,000 new words are added every year.

Lately, A new kind of jargon has been dubbed as Franglais, a combination of Français and Anglais (English). This is the result of many English loanwords that have made their way into the French vocabulary. Some examples are le hamburger, le drugstore, le week-end, le strip-tease, le tee-shirt, le chewing gum, and les blue-jeans. The French Academy, however, have also rejected most of these, preferring the usage of the French terms instead: un logiciel instead of un software, or un courriel for un e-mail. Recently though, the Academy has approved the adoption of “le pipeline” and “le bulldozer” provided that the pronunciation remain French as “peep-LEEN” and “bool-do-ZAIR.”

If you also need French translation, other than French interpretation services, then you must know that French uses Roman alphabets, with the letter Ww used only with Foreign words. French spelling uses grave, acute and circumflex accents and the cedilla appears under the letter c when preceding a, o or u to indicate a s sound rather than k.

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