Corporate Translation : Letting The World Understand You

If your company is in need of corporate translation services, then you need a professional translator and linguist to do the job. Language Direct can provide various translation and interpreting services for you in London.

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corporate translation

Corporate Translation

Whether you’re a new company that’s trying to make it big, or a big one conquering new heights, accurate translation is important if you want to succeed globally. Finding and selecting a credible translator that you can depend on can be quite tough. The translation industry is choc- full of free lancers and translation agencies.

Also,What are the benefits of hiring a professional translator to do the translation work for your company?

  • It will help guarantee better communication between you and your partners, and even among your team.
  • It will eliminate ambiguity in your employee handbook, contracts, codes of conduct and training materials.
  • The documents are thoroughly reviewed and proof read.
  • The translator can provide certified translation.
  • You are assured of the accuracy and you can be confident you can use the document for official purposes.

Language Direct has thousands of linguists in our books. Whether you need Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Russian or German translation, we have a translator who specializes in your needs. We specialize in various corporate translation projects such as:

In conclusion, we can also help you with your other business and corporate translation needs. Also, if you have a foreigner working in your site of a period of time, we can help with passport translation. Furthermore, if your company specializes in the medical field, we can do medical and pharmaceutical translation. We also provide legal translation services and we have expert linguists who specialize on court interpreting.


Below is an example of a corporate overview video with Chinese translation:



Language Direct is a trusted language company in London. Our clients range from individuals to businesses, to local police and government offices. We can provide out of hours service, and we can help you hire a translator from you local area.


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