Community Interpreting

If you need a professional linguist to do community interpreting for you, Language Direct can help you hire the best.


community interpreting

The need for professional  interpreting services has also  increased over the last few years mainly because of the economic growth where everything has gone global. Companies large and small aim to hit the global market.

Community Interpreting

Community interpreting, however is done on large communities that are divided into ethnic minorities. In communities like these, however language is a common barrier to negotiations and other discussions.

This is where the role of a community interpreter comes into play.

There is also a need for this interpreting service for migrant workers, immigrants, who live in small communities.

These talks and meetings also usually happen in hospitals, schools, different offices handling immigrant issues, police stations, housing and social security.


The Community Interpreter

A community interpreter’s biggest task is to enable two persons who have different backgrounds, different languages, different beliefs and perceptions on the subject at hand, and unequal power/knowledge to communicate and understand each other.

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