A Guide to Language Service Providers

Language Service Providers: A Guide and Fact Sheet

What are Language Service Providers?

Simply put, a language service provider or LSP is a company that provides translation, localization, interpreting and other language services. Additionally, the term “Language Service Provider” or “LSP” is not often used. Furthermore, larger companies may have an internal language translation department. Some also use the terms “language company” or “translation agency”.

What services are offered by LSPs?

LSP’s typically provide many different types of translation. Furthermore, here are a few examples:

About these various types of interpreting services

The types of translation and interpreting services vary, usually depending on what is in demand in the area or region. Additionally, language service providers can translate or interpret to many target languages. Furthermore, the capacity of each LSP will depend on the translators and interpreters that they have in their teams. Language Direct, for example, can translate and interpret to and from official languages and dialects including firstly, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, German, French, Polish, Punjabi, Korean, Welsh, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Norwegian, Persian, Yiddish, Turkish, Tamil, Irish, Hindi, and   Romanian among others. Additionally, Language Direct translates to over 189 languages.

How to choose the best language service provider

The translation industry is a robust one, with hundreds of language service providers as well as freelance translators. Selecting one to do your translation and interpreting work can be quite daunting. It is important that you get a good one so as not to waste your time and to ensure that your documents are translated accurately.

Here are some tips:

  • Determine the scope of your project. How many translations do you need? Also, is this a one- time project or will your company need more translation services over the course of time? How often will you need it? As well as this, what level of customer service does your company need from the LSP?
  • Manage the costs. Ask the LSP to provide a quote for a project so you’ll have an idea of how much it would cost. Also, remember that the cheapest LSP may not always be the best choice. Quality work comes at a price.
  • Additionally, do your research. Do a background check on the language service providers that you have “shortlisted”. As well as this, find out who their clients are, and what the feedback is on them. Check out forums and other blogs or articles.

Choosing a language service provider

Remember to feel free to inquire and ask as many questions as you like before choosing one language company. Call Language Direct today. We are one of the most trusted language service providers in London today.

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