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While there are thousands of Legal Interpreter and Translator all over London, finding a competent legal translator is not very easy.

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Hiring a Legal Interpreter or Translator is perhaps one of the most difficult types of technical translation. The use of legal terminologies adds a level of difficulty here because each country has its own set of legal terms to match its unique legal system. Even if two countries use a similar language, the legal terms can be completely different. This is a reflection of the country’s socio, political and economic background.


Legal Interpreter and Translator
Legal Interpreter and Translator

Challenges with Legal Translation

The process of translation is already complex by itself as it needs many skills to be accurate. Translation of legal documents need to be more precise, and accurate. Altering the wording of a single phrase (or a single word) can change the meaning of an entire contract or document.

Legal translation services have very strict deadlines. A small delay can cost you money, or the entire case in court. Confidentiality is also an issue that a legal translator faces everyday.

Qualifications of a Legal Translator

Legal translators must have the proficiency in both the target and source languages, , they should also have wide knowledge of statutory requirements of both countries.

In addition, a legal translation must possess competencies in three areas: knowledge in the target language’s writing style, understanding of the legal terminologies and general knowledge of the legal systems involved.

Word-for-word or literal translation is a no necessary in legal translation services. Hence, someone with background on the cultures of both languages is the best choice.


Hire only a qualified legal translator who has years of experience in the job.


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